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Friday, 16 May 2014

Feedback from Romania

As you can see from our previous blog we skyped Romanian students. We really enjoyed ourselves and hope we can do it again sometime. Here is some feedback from them:
Even though we met some technical problems at first, we were soon able to communicate properly. We were very happy to meet such wonderful children. They are respectful, cheerful and intelligent girls. We were also surprised to find out that one girl's parents are working in Bucharest. We were able to find out interesting facts about Ireland and we can.t wait to talk to them again! (E bine? :-ss)

Despite any difficulty that we have encountered in establishing the Skype session, it was a delight. The girls were cheerful and they seemed really excited, just like us, so it was a pleasure to meet them. We found out a lot of interesting facts about their school and their lifestyle. I hope that we will be able to talk again soon and find out even more about them.

For me, it really was a wonderful experience to meet such joyful, friendly and also beautiful girls and I doubtlessly hope that we will repeat this kind of activity! Besides sharing interesting facts about our lifestyle, our hobbies and our school, we also had a lot of fun and it was a pleasure to talk to them. They really seemed interested in what we were telling them and I think that this is a great opportunity for us to find out new things and also to make some new friends and develop our language skills. It was a win-win activity. I'm looking forward to the next Skype session.

Despite having some technical problems at the beginning, I consider that it has been an interesting exchange of ideas. We found out a lot of things about them and their educational system. It was a pleasure to meet such nice teenagers and I hope we will get in touch as soon as possible. Thank you !

The Skype session was an amazing experience, despite the technical problems we encountered.Putting this part aside, it was an inspiring experience to meet and to communicate with such cheerful and respectful girls. I hope we were able to respond to all their question and that they found our session interesting.I, for one, I am looking forward to our next meeting (hope it will be very soon).

Well, I think that every opportunity if using the English we have acquired already is extremely useful. It was my first encounter with such a school, only for girls, and I was anxious to see what it looks like. I was impressed, the girls were nice and communicative, so I would like to talk to them more and more…pity they are so far away…

The Skype session we were part of showed me that there is always something new over there, across distances, across borders, and that we must do our best to keep in touch, to socialize with the people out there more…I liked the idea and I think seeing while speaking is great.

I had the chance of seeing some wonderful girls there and that turned into a very useful conversation, even if it was more of a written one…joking…I like to meet people from wherever they are…and this was a great chance for me, for all of us

It was a nice experience in which we had fun and learned some things too. Even if we had some technical problems we managed to have a nice conversation thanks to the wonderful people that we had to 'deal with'. I hope we will be in touch soon to talk more. See you soon!..on Skype of course.
PS: sorry for the language but this feedback thing caught me off guard 

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