We are TY Class Cornaro. This is our NGO blog. We aim to raise awareness for women and girls.

Girl Rising

We are TY Cornaro NGO. Our NGO is called Cailíní Saor.

Our first task as an N.G.O is to raise awareness about equality for women and girls.
   We are doing this by showcasing a story from the  movie 'Girl Rising' to second year students in our school.The story we were suppose to show was about a girl named Wadley in Haiti who stood up for herself and her education but now we are showing the story of a girl named Suma from Nepal who set herself free from being a slave by singing. The showcase is taking place on Tuesday the 28th of January.

On Tuesday the 28th of January we showed the story of Suma to the second years as part of our awareness week. Before the start of the movie Eimear, a campaign officer, and I made an introduction to the girls about Suma and what we are trying to achieve.
       Suma was sent to work as a kamalari at the age of 6 because her parents were unable to look after her or provide her with an education. Suma told us of her hardship and all the troubles she went through but could not talk of everything as it was too hard to talk about. The only way she got through those hard days was by singing and writing songs about her life. This helped her understand her life and why her parent sent her away. When she was eleven her life changed, she realized she was working as slave, which was against the law and after fighting for her freedom she was set free. Her voice sang out and helped others be set free and go home to their families. Suma stood up for girls and women who were in the same position as her and this is what makes her story inspiring. After the movie was finished we asked the second years if they felt inspired to do something about this and the majority of them said yes. Our aim of showing this movie was to get people talking about it and the equal rights for women and girls and we feel as though we have achieved this goal.

After the movie we sent a survey around asking them what they thought and whether they were inspired to take action and these were the results 

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