We are TY Class Cornaro. This is our NGO blog. We aim to raise awareness for women and girls.

Campaign Officers

Hi, Im Amy and in our NGO I have the job of a Campaign Officer. My job involves raising awareness about our NGO and its goal. We planned an awareness day together as a class and we decided that we would go for a movie showing of Suma’s story from the film Girl Rising. The film is about how determined girls are to get themselves an education and the struggles they encounter. I won’t tell you Sumas story, but I will say it is definitely one to watch. It really inspired me to not take advantage of my education and how important it is. For our awareness day, I designed a poster and also helped out with the running of the day itself. The poster I designed had a slogan on it. The slogan was ‘If a girl is educated, amazing things will happen’. I chose this slogan as I felt it was extremely powerful. I decorated it with lots of colour and handed it up to my teacher who later hung it up on the walls of our school. To help out on the day, I manned the door with 2 other girls in my class. I collected the tickets and made sure everyone who came in had a ticket. The day turned out a great success and I really enjoyed it. I would be really interested in doing something like this again. - Amy

Hi, I'm Aoife and I am also a Campaign Officer. As a class, we discussed the Girl Rising film. We had a long talk about which girl we felt inspired us and would inspire the second years the most. We chose Suma, a girl from Nepal. We wanted to show our clip to all of the second years, but unfortunately we could only it sixty in the room. We decided to distribute tickets in the second year mall. Personally, I thought that they wouldn't go as fast as they did. Four of us went into the mall at break time and were swamped by second years. The volunteers had really sold it to them when they visited their classes and they were all very eager to see it. The tickets were gone within five minutes and there were a good few disappointed second years wandering the corridors that day.

Hi,I'm Kristina and I'm a Campaign Officer of our mini NGO. Our class had watched a film,Girl Rising and became concerned about girl's education. Since then we wanted to do something about this and had decided on showing other students from our school a short clip from the film so that more people were aware of how there are girl's from this day who aren't able to attend school. From Tuesday 28th of January up until Friday the 31st of January,our class showed first and second years Sumas story. We hoped that by doing so,more people would want to take action about girl's education. As part of my job, I had to make posters advertising Girl Rising. In these posters I included quotes such as "Educate a girl and she will change the world" and "Education is not the answer to the question. It is the means to answer all questions". When all the posters were completed,they were hung around the school. A few of the girls in our class were picked to manage the showing and in the end we found out that most of the girls enjoyed the film and were inspired to take action.

Hi I'm EiméarA few weeks ago our TY class, Cornaro, decided that we’d do a movie hour for some second years. Basically, what we did was we focused in one clip from the documentary, ‘Girl Rising’. At first, we chose to show them the clip of Wadley, but due to sound difficulties we had to change to Suma, which was okay because her story was interesting too.

We distributed out roles amongst the class like; campaign officers, volunteers etc. We made posters advertising our movie hour, which was going to be on Tuesday 28th of January. In organising, our teacher made & printed off cinema tickets, she also bought 60 bags of popcorn to distribute amongst the movie goers. Two volunteers took names and gave tickets to the girls who wanted to attend the movie. At 1.30 everyone gathered in the demo room and myself and Karen read out our introduction we had come up with together, to introduce ourselves, the clip, and what we were doing in our schools across borders project. After this the clip began to roll.
In keeping my lips sealed, all I will say is that it is worth the watch. Some of the girls in the class had made a quiz for the second years to do and we picked three overall winners at the end! We got good feedback from the girls as they all said they enjoyed it, they also felt it was a very sad story, which I would also agree with. Five girls then volunteered to be interviewed at the end by Ailbhe. All in all, it was a successful day.

Writing Letters

Hi, its Amy again. We have all been working really hard on our Schools Across Borders Project recently. In the recent past, I have been put in a group with 4 other of my class mates to write a letter to TD's in our area explaining what we are doing at the moment. It was great how we all got to put our own input in to the letters and luckily, there were no disagreements between the group. In the letter we stated things about our NGO and what our aim is. We also added in things like the link to our blog, a section on our awareness day and where we came up with our idea. It was a fun activity and I'd love to do something like it again. 

Aoife again. Last week I was in a group of five students that were given the task of writing out a letter that we would send to a selection of TDs. We had to work together to come up with the best way to get the message of our NGO to the TDs and spark their interest enough that they would support us. We had to think about what we needed to tell them and also what we wanted them to do. We then had to type up the letter and find the addresses for each of the TDs that we wanted to send it too.

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