We are TY Class Cornaro. This is our NGO blog. We aim to raise awareness for women and girls.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Back to Business

So we're back after a lovely two week Easter break of sleeping, eating and relaxing and we are ready to get back to business!

This week we are very busy preparing our presentation for 'Schools Across Borders' on Thursday the 8th May next week about all we have done on raising awareness for education of girls around the world. We continue to work on the letters to our TD's on these issues as well as creating a brochure for our NGO.
We are still in need of help from everyone to continue raising awareness about girls and education, so please share this blog, comment on our posts or even just enjoy reading them!
We are also involved in a online petition which asks for equality for girls and help to do so from our ministers.

'The World' Petition  (please sign and support)

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