We are TY Class Cornaro. This is our NGO blog. We aim to raise awareness for women and girls.

Public Relations Officers

Hi, My Name Is Deborah, In our N.G.O and as a Public Relations Officer, my job was to design posters for the awareness of Girl Rising. Myself and my team mates wanted to do this because, we felt that if we are aware of it, students and staffs in the school should also become aware and our goal to this campaign is to get everybody in the school to get involved in what we are aware of. Education is important for everyone, but it is especially significant for girls and women, Education helps women and girls to know their rights and responsibilities. Most girls and women in third world, don't have education, because of money and war. We wanted to do posters to let every students and staffs in the school that other girls need education to know their rights and we wrote quotes such as '' Educating a girl is the highest investments in the third world'' to get their attention and support. Suma's Story was an inspiration on all of us and it gave us the idea to do a poster and it involved team on

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