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Friday, 28 March 2014

Skyping Romania!

On Tuesday the 25th of March at 12 o'clock following a few emails and after deciding a time that works for us all, we as a class skyped with a group of Romanian students who were of similar age to us. We did this to see cultural differences and ask them different questions about their school, their town and their lives. We found it very interesting to hear about their everyday lives and everyone in the class enjoyed it, despite a few sound difficulties at the start and through out.
We hope we will have a chance to get to do it again sometime as it is very worth while and we feel as though it benefited all.
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Here is what everyone thought of the skyping session

Ms.  Bennett: The skyping session with the Romanian students was a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn about education in another country. It was a privilege to be part of the project and to observe how the discussion on the differences in education unfolded between my class Cornaro and the Romanian students.
Shauna: I found it was a great way to learn about schools in Romania.
Laura: I felt it was a fun way to see how other people around the world live.
Lauren: It was interesting to find out how there school was very similar to the ones in Ireland.
Aoife: I really enjoyed our chat with the students in Romania. It made me appreciate how lucky we are to have the access to the technology that allows us to do this.
Amy: This was a great opportunity for us as a class to learn more about how other schools work compared to ours. It was lovely to meet new people from different countries around the world.
Ailbhe: I thought it was cool how we had a chance to talk to people we would never have had a chance to talk to unless we did Schools Across Borders.
Katie: I think that talking to the Romanian students was a great opportunity for all of the girls in our class. I am glad that we are taking part in the Schools Across Borders project because if we hadn't, we would never have gotten to learn so much about students in different countries.
Niamh: I want to do it again as I feel like we learned a lot about the difference between our own school and the school in Romania.I think this would be a great thing for all schools to do.
Jessica: I thought that the skype session with the students in Romania was a great experience. I liked learning about their school lives and about the people who were skyping us as well.
Deborah: I really enjoyed talking to the Romanian students, it was a great way to get to know them and knowing what year they're in and knowing what their hobbies are and what careers they have in mind, I'm hoping that we do something like this again, it was great!

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